Virtual Property Design vs. Virtual Staging

Virtual Property Design (VPD) is not the same as Virtual Staging (VS). VS is basically about decorating a room by adding furnishings to a photograph. VPD is a true design concept: It helps people see a property's true potential through photo-realistic design.


1. VPD designs are always proportionally correct, with all elements to realistic scale.

This is not always the case in a VS image where, for example, it might show a king bed in a room that would only reasonably fit a double. This is a common problem with VS.


2. We're designers. Not just decorators or graphic artists.

We're not simply making your space pretty - we go way beyond placing virtual furniture and decorative items in your photos (regardless if they will actually fit). We're showing how your space - whether it is a living room, a bungalow remodel, or a vacant lot - can look once it reflects your imagination combined with our professional skills.


3. Results are not limited by the quality of your photography.

VS places virtual elements in your photos via photo editing software. We create a three-dimensional model based on your input (photographic and measurements) that allows us to explore different design and architectural treatments and color palettes. We can show a space with different styles of decor or construction. We can show how enlarging or moving a window changes your view. How hardwood floors look as opposed to carpet.


Below are three before-and-after images of photos sent to us where it would be difficult, if not impossible, for VS to be used.

Before: A cluttered photo with furnishings from the current rentor that would not be able to be taken out using VS. After: A VPD image where all elements are to scale and the existing worn carpet replaced. 

Before: A lakefront room with no view of the lake where VS would not be able to show the view the client wanted to see. After: A VPD concept showing the actual view and updated finishes.

Before: A photo from a vacant lot where VS could not create a room true to scale in order to frame the view. After: A VPD concept showing what the view could look like from a residence on the property.