EDOBA Virtual and Main Street Organizations

A cost-effective virtual design system to facilitate Main Street projects

It's a lot easier to create support in your community for a Main Street project when you show them exactly what you're talking about. We can develop photo-realistic 3D models showing design options in place a lot faster and for a lot less money than you think.


It's a new technology called VPD and it's a powerful tool in Main Street efforts to renew your community. It is proving effective in generating enthusiasm and backing among owners, city and civic organizations, and local contractors.

And we donate 5% of all fees to Main Street

We believe in Main Street initiatives so strongly we want to help. We will donate 5% of our fees for these projects to the 501(c)(3) Main Street organization involved in the project.


Just contact us at 1-888-255-6915 to discuss your needs.


Case Study | Historic Bank Building

In this example, we have a former bank building that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  The property has been vacant for some time and has been selected as one of the key buildings in the downtown revitalization effort and would take part in the facade improvement program offered by the city.


The EDOBA team was given the building measurements and reference photos.  The 3D model was created and then the design team was able to work with the building owners via web conferences to come up with 5 potential color schemes based off of the historic color pallettes developed by the Nation Trust for Historic Preservation.


After review by the owners, a color scheme was selected.  The EDOBA team then create 4 variations of the color scheme highlighting different parts of the building in colors from the selected pallette.


Once the final color scheme was selected, the EDOBA team created an evening view of the building in the evening to show the proposed lighting.

For the final view created for the project, the EDOBA team placed the 3D model of the building within a photo of the site to show the view of the project once it would be completed.

With the inclusion of these images along with the facade improvement application, the Main Street project was unanimously approved by the city's design review committee, planning commission, and urban renewal district as well as the state historical preservation office.