It's Easy to Order a VPD

It is a very simple process to have us create a VPD for your property: Send us the room, building, or lot measurements and include reference photos as well as photos of the view. And, let us know your preferences for styles and color preferences. That's it.


We will then send you proofs showing different camera angles to choose from and a color proof.  Once those are accepted, we send you the final image. 


This entire process takes place in 3 to 5 days.

Here is an example:

Step 1  




To the left is the order form the client sent us for his room. 





Below are the photos that that were sent along with the form.

Step 2

The EDOBA team created a 3D model of the room scaled to the exact size. The client had stated a preference of "contemporary and traditional - leaning more towards traditional." We then sent wireframe images showing the furniture layout and different camera angles.

Step 3

Colors, textures, and lighting are added. Once the client received the first image, he asked that the color scheme be updated to have darker walls, while keeping the same colors for the railings and carpet.

Finished VPD

The finished image below was created from the client's input and includes the final lighting, shadowing and reflective elements. The design concept is completely to scale and shows a true representation of how the room could be decorated.

The final VPD image is also clearly labled as a Design Concept from our design firm so that there is no chance of misreprentation in use of the image.