Interior Styles

The approaches to interior design are diverse. However, to simplify our ordering process we have grouped a variety of interior design styles into three main categories:


Below you will find additional information on some specific interior design styles. Remember that if you have a specific style in mind for your VPD, it can be created using that style.




Minimalism can be quite modern or it can be retro.  The design style is very orderly, has mainly simple lines, clutter free, and an ample amount of space between objects.



The Swedish style is characterized by a look that is light, airy, and elegant. Whether classic in emphasis, country or contemporary in direction, this style underscores an elegant and understated atmosphere.



Arts & Crafts
A period style that has left a legacy through the ongoing popularity of Mission Style. It features crafted elements of simple construction to create a warm yet streamlined look.


Art Deco 
The Art Deco style combines design motifs of ancient cultures with a Machine Age sensibility from the 1920s and 30s.


Asian style interior design, sometimes called Oriental, showcases the cultures of prominent Eastern societies. The style can range from Zen-like minimalist spaces to ornate rooms of a Chinese style.


The feeling of this decor style is of the sea and the sky and the tropics. Lightweight materials and a lived-in yet exotic beach feel are at the heart of the tropical style of decor. It emphasizes natural textures and an easy, relaxed atmosphere.


This popular style is full of rustic charm. The country color palette, wall texture, flooring, furniture, and fabrics all come together to form a soothing, comfortable ambiance. Tuscan style is earthy yet refined.



This traditional design borrows on themes and styles from centuries past, updating the elements with fresh color, finishes and motifs.


Relaxed and comfortable. There is an overall simplicity to this style. It can range from cottage country to the more elegant French country approach.


A historical decorative style mainly categorised by pointed arches. It also has elements that can include deep rich colors, decorative patterns, an old fashioned style, and ornamental ironwork.


This style of interior design describes a range of styles with an emphasis on natural, unrefined elements. Popular design styles that are often classified as rustic include southwestern, country, log cabin, lodge, western.