Design Challenge of the Month

Submit your design challenge and we'll pick one each month to develop a free design recommendation.

To enter, send us photos of your problem area, with a brief description of the project and any issues we need to consider. If we choose yours, we'll contact you for any additional information we require and email you your design VPD.

The VPD is yours to do with as you want. You agree to let us publish your project on our website, including the use of your name and company, and to use it in any promotional activities, including press releases for print and online purposes. If you need us to make changes, or create plans for your contractors, we can discuss the charges.

Just send your photos and description to "Monthly Design Challenge" at We will review all the submissions around the 15th of each month, and develop the design VPD by month's end.

This Month's Design Challenge

In this month's Design Challenge, we have a garage with a 1600 square foot game room on the second floor. The grounds of the property are extensively landscaped and the house is shingled with steep roof lines. However, the garage and and game room have been built using drab grey metal siding and provides a real hindrence to selling this property.

The EDOBA team was requested to create a design concept that would incorporate similar materials and design features used on the main house. The VPD now shows the garage and game room with shingle siding and a new roof facade for the front of the building that is much more in line with the style of the residence on the property.