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This is where VDP really shines. You can show how a property can work with a house - in any style of architecture. With a farm. With a vineyard. With a full-scale commercial development. We work around existing vegetation, showcasing the best views, and helping your client really see what this lot could become. And, starting from only $95.


Since ground-up development is more expensive than working with existing buildings, this can remove a great deal of uncertainty about the possibilities and the viability of the options.

Case Study | Vacant Lot

An agent sent us this photo of recently cleared three-acre lot, which is in an area of luxury estates and adjacent to a world-renowned golf course.  While the lot is in a desirable area, the agent realized that it might take some time to generate interest in the current market.  She asked that three different VPDs be created in different architectural styles to show the potential of the property.

The EDOBA team was given the lot measurements and photos of the property. We created three concepts showing an equestrian estate, a suburban architectural style, and a Tudor residence. Using the VPDs along with some savvy marketing allowed the agent to sell the property in the off-season.