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VPD is a much more realistic way to showcase what a building's interior can become - from a new decor to new floor treatments, from opening a space by removing a wall to enhancing the view with larger windows.


We work with you to develop options that would help your client visualize the true potential and engage their interest. We have a lot to work with... starting from only $95.

Case Study | Lakefront Home Living Room

Here is a lakefront residence where the living room has only three small windows and a solid door that face the lake. The prospective buyer asked that two VPDs be created with a window wall showing the view. One concept kept the walls the same texture and the second visualized a more modern fashion with different finishes for the room.

The EDOBA team requested a photo taken from the other side of the door, the dimensions of the room, and the height of the ceiling. We were then able to recreate the room and showcase the view once we converted the lakeside wall to french doors and windows.  With the help of the VPDs and the agent's input, the buyers decided to purchase the home.