For Real Estate Professionals

VPD is a powerful tool to facilitate real estate transactions. During any sales process, there comes a point where a property's potential is discussed. Now, instead of relying on someone's imagination, you can use VPD to picture it for your clients. It can create a realistic representation of the potential for clients to interact with... at a reasonable cost.



Case Study | Wine Country Property

Here is an under-utilized property in an excellent wine producing region. In order to increase sales interest, the agent requested three different views of a VPD concept in a modern architectural style showing the property as a winery.

The EDOBA team was given the lot size and photos of the property. We replaced the existing structure with a new tasting room, including a banquet/guest suite on the second floor, parking area, and an outdoor patio with seating for 100. We added grape vines in the fields to complete the picture.  After being on the market for over two years, once the VPD concepts were used to market the property, it sold within 60 days.